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Cutting Cords: A Woman's Practice

  • Twisted Yoga Studios 937 E Broadway Rd suite 4 Tempe, AZ 85282 USA (map)

- Sacred Cacao or Herbal Medicine Ceremony 
- Womb Experience with Aerial Silks 
- Cord Removal Practices
- Sacred Salve Meditation

During this series of practices we will:

  • Practice various ways to safely remove cords so as to avoid karmic backlash.

  • Participate in rituals to undo harmful conditioning that has left us vulnerable to toxic energy cording.

  • Discuss cord removal aftercare.  

  • Practice the art of loving and being loved exactly as we are; with all of our perceived shortcomings.

  • Learn how to create inner safety by establishing clear boundaries.

  • Bring clarity to the dynamics and patterns in your relationships and learn how to shift the energy by shifting yourself.

  • Partake in sacred practices to help awaken you to your beautiful truth and inner wisdom.

    Indications that you have Toxic Cords of Attachment:

  • A relationship has ended but you can’t stop thinking about this person. The memories you have with them seem to haunt you and moving on doesn’t seem possible.

  • You are giving too much of your energy to try to revive or cultivate a relationship and end up feeling depleted all of the time.

  • You ruminate about a conversation you had or want to have with a significant person in your life. You continuously imagine or replay the conversation in your mind. Over and over again. It almost feels like an obsession.

  • You want to go back to the way things used to be. You long for the times you shared together when things were good between you both. You believe that if you stay in the relationship longer or have another chance with this person, the relationship can go back to the way things once were.

  • Your online stalking is incessant and you are trying to put the pieces of this person’s life together based on their social posts, friends, and followers.

  • You no longer see this person and yet just the thought of them causes you pain, bothers you, or unhinges you in some way.

    *These are just some of the indications of unhealthy cording. There are many more

Toxic cord attachments deplete your life force and can leave you feeling drained in every way possible. Over time, energy depletion will lead to health issues and an unexpressed life. You deserve to live a rich and vibrant life but only you have the power to stop the energy leaks.

Join me on December 8th at 1:30 pm for a cord cutting practice. 
This first practice is for Women Only. I will offer co-ed practice in January as I believe cord cutting is essential for all.

Register today as space is limited to 12 participants.

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