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The Presence Practice

  • Shared Upon Paid Registration (map)

You are invited to partake in a practice of Being Present! 
To begin experiencing the subtle energy that exists within you

During this workshop you will partake in exercises that will guide you to connect more authentically with others while simultaneously exploring your own conditioned responses and limiting beliefs.

Your facilitators:
Veronica Lynn Clark is a teacher with deep roots in the ancient practice of healing arts and its connection to women's health. Having trained formally in mind body modalities of movement, yoga, meditation, Veronica weaves these arenas into a potent practice which offers a holistic approach to radical healing. Veronica helps people to learn and integrate these healing and rejuvenating practices into the wild modern lives they live.

Bruce Kube is a rainbow light warrior, dedicated to authenticity and truth. He has been diving deeply into the understanding of his own true natural self for over 25 year with personal work such as est, Lifespring, Landmark, Omega and PSI. Discovering sacred sexuality as a calling in 2007, Bruce continues to develop himself as a potent masculine presence for others in guiding and facilitating. The culmination of a lifetime of study is the realization that Presence IS the practice.

The Practice:
Using our bodies as guides to deepen our listening into our inner worlds: we will attune ourselves to our True Natural Self.
And through our practice partners, we will discover who we are IN relation to the world.

Our practice creates an environment in which we can put our social and sexual conditioning on hold. It's a safe space where we can connect with ourselves and others at our own pace in an authentic, sometimes improvisational and loving way. Where empowering vulnerability instantaneously transforms what is between us to authentic, raw and real love that heals. It’s a space in which we don’t have to look outside ourselves for approval by discovering simple and powerful ways of being together that help us relax into our true power.

We will experience heart-opening, playful movement that allows us to explore all of the senses through heart-centered movements and embody the breath through tantric breathing techniques.

What to bring: 
- Your curiosity 
- An open heart
- A willingness to heal, love, and grow through authenticity

Practical skills that you will be learning:
- Non-verbal communication skills - how to listen to your own body and feel into the non-verbal communication of others.
- How to attune to the impact of yourself on others - Eyes to face, Voice to ears, touch to skin, and movement
- How to trust your yes and no in your own body
- How to feel safe and connected to yourself and others when you are allowing sexual energy to flow
- How to breathe through charged moments and areas that trigger trauma
- How to trust your own instincts about what feels right and safe for your and what does not
- How to remain embodied when you move with erotic energy

Together we create a playful relational laboratory of interconnection and energetic dialogue. When we release psychic constructs based on social conditioning and ancestral trauma - we learn to engage and enjoy each other in our natural, raw states of energy.

This workshop is for those who. . .
- ARE interested in exploring intimacy and sexuality in movement and expression with others.
-DO WISH to have fun while releasing and healing cultural conditioning stuck in our bodies as shame, rigidity, and numbness.
- WILL use humor & authenticity in the deconstructing what no longer serves you or our community
- HAVE DESIRE to increase their relational attunement, emotional intelligence, and comfort with intimacy and erotic expression.

This workshop is not:
A space to find a romantic partner
A place to hook up
An opportunity for distractions
A way to lose ourselves again.

It IS for heart-centered explorers who wish to truly understand themselves!

PLEASE NOTE: Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

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