Embodiment Journeys are done with the heart of Tribal Connection and Healing.
Traditionally, tribes knew that when one member of the tribe was ill or impacted by trauma (all forms) that this impacted the whole of the tribe. When one is healed, all are healed.

It is in this space that we can begin to remove the illusions of separateness and begin to expand into love and acceptance. 
We come together as a group to help restore the balance that has been disrupted in our community and in our own hearts. Low vibrating emotions such as shame, grief, hated, jealousy, resentment and even pride further the disconnect of all beings and increase the expansion of separateness illusion. 
This is a time for us come together to remember. This is a time for us to come together to heal in a space Dedicated to LOVE.

What to Expect During the Journey:

The intention for each EMBODIMENT JOURNEY is to help raise the vibration for all of humanity. However, the themes during each ceremony may vary. 

The theme for the upcoming journey will be an intention to expand love. 
We will begin with a sacred Cacao Ceremony followed by a Meditation to expand love in ourselves and others. We will call in every aspect of our being, both shadow and light so that all of things, thoughts and parts of us are welcomed into the circle.

Our journey will include sound to open the throat chakra; our movement will include free flow dance to open the lower three chakras as well as a yoga sequence to open the heart..

This is an opportunity to expand beyond the rigidity of your current shape and state. Come explore and push gently against your boundaries as we embrace one another in heart-felt connection and love.

If you are even remotely curious, join us. If you are fearful of the invitation, lean in; some part of your being needs this. If you are longing for belonging, this is the space. All of you is welcome.

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