I start from the premise that everything you need is inside of you. Fear often shrouds our deepest purpose and separates us from living a life of wholeness and joy. Many people need guidance untangling what supports their growth and wholeness from behaviors and belief sets that promote dis-ease and pain in life. 

There is no script. No one way to do the necessary work. You and I partner together to create a plan that makes sense for your unique and beautiful life. 

From this place, you find your authentic voice. Join Me.


  • Before trying to shape & control everything outside of us, we first look deep within, and do the work ourselves.
  • Creating a new life requires us to let go of our attachment to our old self. This requires a new set of skills, new ears, new eyes, a new mind. I will help you to navigate this process. 
  • The work of transformation and healing is a collaborative practice between you and I. There is no quick fix as there is nothing "wrong" with you. 
  • The process of unlayering happens overtime and continues throughout one's lifetime. As a coach, I am on a never ending continuum of unlayering and partake in deep inquiry as a means to support my clients greatest healing. 

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