Adorn Yourself with Self-Love

Choose one night this week to adorn yourself. Schedule at least 30 minutes of uninterrupted time. I know this can be challenging with children and other familial obligations but this is important. You are important. 

Make a cup of chamomile tea to relax.

Light a candle and dim the lights in the space that you will occupy. 

Play soft music that makes you feel relaxed. Dance around perhaps. Feel into your own softness. Even if you do not initially feel soft, envision what you would like your softness to feel like as it rises to the surface. 

Next, stand in front of a mirror and allow your eyes to go where they want to go. Drink in every ounce of yourself - head to toe. Let go of the judge, just notice. 

 Slowly begin to undress.  Take your time and notice what it feels like to have the layers of clothing and under garments fall away from your body.

Imagine that as you disrobe, you are also disassembling the layers of the past that have shrouded you and kept you hidden.  Watch with the most soft, compassionate eyes possible. Allow your eyes to scan each beautiful sacred scar, your breast, your belly. Speak kind words to yourself as you allow your hands to caress your body.  

Next, take a bath or shower and gently wash over each area of your body with loving intention. You may feel the urge to touch yourself as your lover might so allow yourself to explore and be inquisitive. Tap into the divine goddess within you! When you are finished, rub your body with your favorite prepare oil. Kiss your shoulders, your arms as you caress and adorn your body with the warm, fragrant, oil. 

Meditate on your beauty and grace for the next 15-20 minutes.