The Big Lies

Wildies, if you did not realize this by now, we are all HIGHLY CREATIVE. I mean like in a major Stephen King kind of way. The funny thing is, for all of the tales we spin and fiction we weave, it is only we who have the pleasure of watching our sometimes horror and other times fantasy film unfold. We have a front row ticket. Best seats in the empty theater house. Let's take a moment and review the script. Let's break it apart - line by line - so that we can see the truth behind the lies. 


Allow me to give you some examples of the Big Lies we tell ourselves: 

I am broken. I need to be fixed. I am not good enough. I am not enough. I am unloveable, unworthy, fill in the blank______________

I will never get it right... there is something wrong with me....

Sound familiar? It's Hogwash. Bullshit. Big Lies

There is nothing wrong with you. Let me repeat that. THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH YOU. You just require some attention in some key areas of your life. That's why you've showed up here.  There is nothing to be ashamed of. 

Lies can have a a powerful hold on our lives but remember, like fear, lies only have power over us if we believe in them.  I like to think that lies are like the evil cousin of fear. We need fear to an extent. Fear after all, can help to keep us safe. But when the fear is unhealthy, it morphs into a deceptive coagulation of lies and deceit. 

So out of fear, rejection, pain what lies have you been telling yourself?

Begin with meditation first. Get comfortable. Sit, lay, stand for seven minutes.

Ask your subconscious to reveal to you all of the Big Lies that you have been telling yourself.

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Identifying lies can bring them out of their hiding place and you can begin to dismantle their power over you.
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Take a moment to pause and acknowledge the truth that you revealed. Embrace yourself and wrap yourself up in love. You are loved. You are needed and your creative gifts will begin to bring you joy instead of pain. Joy instead of pain. I love you.