The Inward Look

Each day the practice is different.

The shape you found to be comfortable yesterday may be too much for this day and the shape you took today may not be enough to break through the walls of bitterness and pain tomorrow.

So each day allow yourself to reset

You learn to detach from the longing about the way things were

You stop hoping for the dream to be different and you bring awareness to what you’re creating instead of unconsciously taking steps towards more suffering.

But perhaps that’s what you think you need.

To suffer.

Perhaps you have not learned what you needed to learn from the suffering.

Or perhaps you have learned and now you’re only suffering out of habit.

Each day is a an opportunity to look in -

To go inside.

To see what is true today

But was not true yesterday

And will not be true tomorrow

And this inward look

When done honestly, consciously, compassionately

Has the power to change the trajectory of not only your practice but your entire life.

Sat Nam