Reflection on a car

I met a woman who’s car I liked. 

Admittedly, upon seeing it I felt a small tinge of embarrassment at my own car; slightly older than her new shiny model. I experienced an old, gnawing regret of getting rid of my Luxury SUV as part of my “right sizing project” -an effort to become a full time business owner.

For years, and apparently still now, I held a belief that driving a luxury vehicle was an outward reflection of my success. I felt pride driving up and stepping out of a fancy car. 

Up to this moment, I thought I’d eradicated that mindset. And then something curious happened. A vulnerable conversation between the woman and I. We’d both attended the same meeting and had parked next to one another. 

“This car is paid off”. She takes a drag off a cigarette she just lit. “I received it as part of a settlement after my mother tried to murder my son and I. I couldn’t walk for months and have over 300 brain injuries. No one thought I would live let alone ever drive again”. 

I breathe in deeply. 
What to say? 

But this is the beauty of life; is it not? 
The constant mirrors turned our way so that we can see a reflection of ourselves, beliefs we still hold; our ego and its oft arrogant ways. 

I will not covet anyone or anything ever again. 
For how could I know what they have gone through or the cost they paid to get what they have?

I put the keys in my ignition with gratitude. 
Gratitude for my current station in life; gratitude for the woman and her courage to share her story; and gratitude for yet another opportunity to peel back another layer of my self.