Exploring the Possibility of Maybe

There may have been times in our lives when our right to choose was taken from us,  but now, I pray you are in a place where you are empowered to choose and decide.  

One of the joys of our empowerment is that we can try on new possibilities for our lives. We can shed many of the choices that don't inspire us to be our best selves, including our jobs or relationships, in search of new ways of being. 

We don't have to stay stuck, and if we do, it's because we are choosing to. This in itself is evidence of our ability to make empowered decisions - it just so happens to be an example of a disempowered choice. 

But what if we chose to dance in the realm of possibilities? 

Knowing that it will be uncomfortable.

Knowing that our old shit could show up and probably will show up during this dance.  

and in spite of all the mind chatter,  still being willing to try on the maybes, the perhapses, and the possibilities:

  • Maybe it is safe 
  • Perhaps there is a nurturing environment for me to practice self-love and compassion as I learn new skills to build boundaries 
  • It's possible that someone can and is willing to hold enormous space for me and can contain all that comes forth
  • Maybe there is a different perspective than the conditioned default lens that I usually see from
  • Perhaps there is more than pain, despair, depression __________ fill in the blanks; there are many vices
  • It is possible that I can thrive in my life ~ on the inside and on the outside 

In trying on these possibilities, we give ourselves more options to live vibrant empowered lives. And when we can live in such a way -  in this curious, authentic way - we unconsciously give permission to others to do the same. 

With so much love and compassion, 

Veronica xoxo