When Your Body Betrays You

Let's talk about perhaps one of the most confusing parts of all that nobody is comfortable talking about and the fact is that whether your being molested or you are experiencing stuff because of rape or because you feel pressured in some way. Sex feels good so your body feels good, I remember once after my sister described to me about her sexual encounters with our father she explained that her body betrayed her because it wasn't supposed to feel good when somebody was taking from you, and the person that is having sex with you is not somebody that you choose to have sex with. Her body did not betray her body did exactly what it was designed to do, experience pleasure. But nobody told her that and i also adopted that same belief because that's the truth and i also adapted that same belief that my body had betrayed me and i held on to that that my body is supposed to distinguish and determine whether the sex is something that I wanted or something that I didn't want and if it was something that I didn't want then sex wasn't supposed to feel good, the fact is is that it did feel good and that is confusing as hell, and it's painful when nobody speaks about it, but we talk about everything else all the psychology behind what happens and the memories and the fear of when your alone in the room with somebody. When nobody talks about sex and the way that it feels, we are left to our own devices and come to our own conclusions about what sex is and what sex is not, who we are and who we should not be.