Empowered Creatrix. Wild Divine. This is a call to you.  

Are you ready to dive into the realms of the erotic to make deep, passionate love to yourselves and to life? You will be guided to tune into the natural rhythm of your bodies and dive deep into the stirring of your undulating hips.

This is an invitation to undress. Not just your body, but to really bare your soul. Appearances are not needed, only your rawness will do.


Liberate your Orgasm

Dates: October 11 - October 13, 2019

This weekend, we dance in the holiness of our darkness and the sacredness of our divine light.

Belly to belly, we help to awaken each other.

Heart to heart, we sing love’s songs.

Soul to soul, we consecrate our temples and remember the Goddesses we are.

This training is for you if you desire to…

  • know yourself more intimately

  • deepen your embodiment of orgasm and arousal

  • confront residual trauma

  • own the totality of your sexuality without any judgment of present or past experiences

  • create a Deep Soulful connection to your body and your yoni

  • heal your relationship with the masculine

  • manifest healthy and empowered relationships in every area of your life

  • catalyze your ability to embrace your true beauty, power and brilliance

Let the sexual transformation begin

Liberate Your Orgasm

Body Temple Training Level 2 includes:

  • Teachings and ceremonies to connect to the spiritual power of your womb and your pussy

  • An exclusive collaboration with Yoni Print sexual healing artist, Christina Castaldo

  • Breathwork to awaken kundalini energy

  • Rituals to strengthen and stimulate the nervous system

  • Activation of erogenous zones to maximize states of arousal

  • Use of sexual energy as a means to co-create with the universe

An Intimate Self-Portrait

What is Yoni Printing?

A Yoni Print™ is the captured image of a woman's external vulva through an artistic process using different mediums onto a surface. 
Printing ourselves onto the earth, paper, rocks and other various surfaces has for thousands of years connected us to ourselves, inspired one another and is a way to tell our story. It activates the history that lays within our blood, that connects us to our ancestors. Our ancestors who told stories with their fingers and hands.   

Why Is Yoni Printing Included During Body Temple?

The Yoni Printing process facilitates healing and produces therapeutic benefits. When we take hold of the paintbrush and begin to apply color or movement to a surface we are stimulating and activating different parts of our brain that are responsible for releasing hormones that make us feel happier, reduce stress, can improve our creative and strategic thinking. Being part the creative process also allows us to access deeper levels of our consciousness and offers us an invitation to become self reflective. With so many buried stories and traumas that are associated with sexuality, Yoni Prints give our bodies a voice, a way to tell their story. That story can be one of celebration, discovery or a releasing of something old that no longer serves the happiness and health of our future Self. 

Important Note: Yoni Printing supplies must be purchased separately and are not included in the cost for the Body Temple Training.

Join the Movement: Body Temple Intimacy Training for Women

Join the Movement: Body Temple Intimacy Training for Women

Recommended Reading

These books are only a recommendation and it is not necessary for you to have read these books in order to attend the training.

Pussy: A Reclamation 

The Magdalen Manuscript: The Alchemies of Horus & the Sex Magic of Isis 

The Erotic Mind