Empowered Creatrix. Wild Divine. This is a call to you.  

This invitation is for my sisters to dive into the realms of the erotic where you will learn to make deep, passionate love to yourselves and to life. You will be guided to tune into the natural rhythm of your bodies and dive deep into the stirring of your undulating hips.

BODY TEMPLE: LEVEL 2 - Empowered Sexuality

Liberate your orgasm

Dates: August 30 - Sept 1, 2019

Application requirements:

  • Successful completion of Foundations Level 1 or Fire Woman

  • A sincere interest in opening one’s body and womb wisdom through the exploration of sexuality, sensuality, presence, and spiritual practices

During this training you will learn to:

  • Deepen your understanding of orgasm and arousal

  • Tune in to the beauty and prowess of your feminine body

  • Turn on your connection to your natural sensual and sexual being

This is a call to remember your radiance, your creative potential and create abundance through sexual transformation.

Yes, this is an invitation to undress. Not just your body, but to really bare your soul. I know this can be scary but it is in this vulnerability that you will access your natural sexual state of being and truly transform your life. Appearances are not needed, only your rawness will do. Your naked face, the one you often hide. Be prepared to show that part of you and know that you will be loved. This is an invitation to dance in the holiness of your darkness and the sacredness of your divine light.

Belly to belly, we will awaken each other.

Heart to heart, we will sing love’s songs.

Soul to soul, we will consecrate our temples and remember the sister’s that we are.

Practices include:

  • Teachings and ceremonies to connect to the spiritual power of your womb  

  • Breathwork to increase kundalini energy

  • Rituals to strengthen and stimulate the nervous system Activation of erogenous zones to maximize states of arousal

  • Use your sexual energy as a means to co-create with the universe

Why is sexual self awareness important?

  • Heals relationships with the masculine as well as manifests healthy and empowered relationships in every area of your life.

  • Catalyses your ability to embrace your true beauty, power and brilliance.

Recommended Reading

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