Can You Imagine?

Can you imagine a world where women love themselves? Where they can stand in front of the mirror and see themselves for exactly who they are and embrace every single part of themselves. Can you imagine a world where women are empowered, that they don't need somebody else to affirm them? A world where women reclaim their power and who they are and trust in their intuition where they move from a space of knowing of freedom and where they see other sisters as their counterparts, where they support each other, they love each other, they place bricks under each others feet when it's time for another to birth a new creation. It's possible; this training is designed to help women find their voice, connect with their body, and live a life of empowerment. The second part of this training is designed for practitioners to want to go out into the world and help other women, who want to use these tools to help other women to reclaim their voice, their power. This is how we create a movement where we help each other; we learn and refine our tools so that we can go out and support each other in our growth and evolution.

During this training, I encourage you to notice how you can bring this vision forward in your own way. Which ways do you want to help the feminine to rise and find her voice?

How are you being a light in your own life and how does this light inspire those around you? We’d be foolish to think that we don’t influence one another. Diane von Furstenberg said it best when she said, “You know, there's a thing about the woman across the room. You see the woman across the room, you think, She's so poised, she's so together. But she looks at you and you are the woman across the room for her.” You are the woman across the room for “her” the woman who may be struggling on her journey.

When you are confronted with your discomfort and your resistance during the training, remind yourself that the more you practice releasing your attachments to comfort and the things that keep you limited, the more you will be able to guide another woman through her resistance.