April 13, 2019

Do you have the courage to step beyond the veil? To come from behind the mask, you wear and lean into a new possibility of existence? What is possible for you? What is a new way of being that you could explore if you were not shrouded by the heavy garments of your past?

What if, at the end of your life, you saw a playback of the ways you interacted with each day and you saw all of the moments you stayed back and did not allow yourself to step into the center to be seen. And in one of those instances you had a chance to see where had you stepped out, even once, you would have set into motion a cosmic force that would have changed the entire trajectory of your life.

What if you saw, in that instance, as you lay on your death bed, a moment when you saw that by activating your light, you would have lit a part of a path that would enable others to activate their light as well.

Be courageous my friend. Put your voice out there. It’s ok if you sing out of tune. It’s ok if what comes out is less than perfect. There is grace for you amongst your tribe. You are loved. When we step forward into the light, with compassion and a heart to serve and love, we shine our signal out into the night, like Bat man, letting the others know who we are and that we are coming to join them. This is how we attract and find our soul tribe; by peeling away the masks and putting aside false airs. We find each other by stepping into our vulnerability and trusting that we will be held just as we are.