Creating a Meditation Practice

Meditation has been for me meditation has been challenging over the years sometimes I make excuse to meditate other times I really don’t know I find what’s been the most substantial is to find a meditation that truly resonates and is meaningful to me so this means perhaps changing what you say in your meditation and each day let me give you an example meditation should be unique to you into what it is that you know you are working towards so if you are trying to heal a relationship with your daughter then let that be the amp of your meditation that day if you feel the next day that you have given time you really wanna focus on different meditation fill free to do that otherwise go back and continue to meditate on your relationship with your daughter how you want that relationship to be what that’s gonna feel like and really envisioning you daughter meditating on her your relationship what you will feel what she will feel how that will impact generations to come and let that be the focus and until you feel like you have made some shifts in the relationship.

In my experience spending time cultivating self love was an area that I had to really focus on and nurture really self-love can be thrown around and I'm so glad we are talking more about but really embracing self love and beating yourself behind the scenes when known else is looking is really important so spending time speaking to myself looking at myself really cherishing and saying wonderful, beautiful things can be a form of meditation as well it doesn't always just have to be sitting down and being quiet although there are many times for me that is very necessary I like to think of these as active forms of meditation. The meditation that's best is the meditation that works for you the meditation that you are actually going to do I also try to purify my thoughts and cleanse my energy through active mediation so for example, so if I'm doing a specific chore mopping the yoga studio after teaching a hot yoga class then I would move the mop in such a way where it was loving, and i was mopping the floor cleansing the place because i knew other because other humans where gonna come in and try to explore their self expression and i wanted to purify the environment after we were done so i was sending love with each mop stroke and giving blessings asking that all of the needs of each being to be met and then when they come to that room it was purified and freed of any uncomforances that would prevent them from having the best experience possible so those are just forms of meditation that you could consider when embarking upon new meditation practices if you've been practicing yoga for a while or meditation for awhile and you feel really comfortable then feel free to continue your same approach to meditation or perhaps you can try a new approach. Whatever works best for you, I will say it again that the meditation practiced best is the one that works for you.