A victim mentality keeps you small and robs you of the opportunity to experience the joy and juiciness of life.
Right now, you can choose to reclaim your voice, your power, and your sovereignty so that you are no longer prey to your past. There is freedom in permitting yourself to scream at the top of your lungs; to beat your fists upon the raw earth of your old wounding for the sake of healing. There is no one here who can free you. Only you can free yourself.
— Veronica Lynn Clark

Free yourself to be yourself

What is an Emotional Release?

Emotional release is a spontaneous occurrence whereby your body, mind, and spirit can let go of repressed and unexpressed emotions such as grief, rage, anger, despair, and shame. This expression can manifest in many ways, including spasms, jerks, and animal-like sounds as your body attempts to release energy blocks. 

Why Practice Emotional Release?

Our feelings and emotions often keep us from enjoying life and thriving. Most of us are lugging around emotional baggage and unprocessed feelings accumulated from childhood up to now.  Emotional release and somatic experiencing tools help you to purge the toxicity from your system in a safe way so that you can live a life that is moved by clarity, balance, and compassion. You will become more aware of your emotions through experiential journeys and come away with an increased ability to express and deal with emotions you are struggling with.

Emotional empowerment work helps us to learn and practice applying boundaries. We do this by becoming aware of the space we need around us to create inner safety. Practitioners learn to hold space for one another so that each of us has an opportunity to practice leaning into what is true for our nervous system. Each of us has experienced life in our unique ways. The challenges, losses, traumas, and pains have created knots in us that can unravel with love, patience, and an intentional awareness that will support us in healing fully.

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Our body as the map

The Emotional Empowerment Practice is a body-based (somatic) journey designed to release past trauma and experiences. Learn to tap back into your body’s natural impulses and find the hiding places of deeply repressed emotions.

Breath & Movement as a path

By using sound, breath, and movement, we explore what personal freedom is for us. The practices allow the stories we hold in our bodies to safely emerge so we can begin the process of purging our emotional toxicity. You choose your pace during each practice.

emotional empowerment

New tools are offered each week to help you improve your capacity to express and handle difficult emotions. You're encouraged to share these tools with your friends and family so that they too can reclaim their voice and power.

Men, women, fluid gendered beings are all welcome in this healing space. 

Join me in creating a safe, community based container to practice emotional release. Here, we explore self expression, give voice to the stories our bodies are holding, and remove body armor to reveal the true essence of who we really are. This is an opportunity to release shame and find our own path beyond the conditioning and dominant values passed down to us from society and familial upbringing.

Other Details

Here’s What to Expect:

  • Group and individual practices

  • Somatic experiences to connect mind and body

  • Creation of new neural pathways as you release patterns of shame and judgment

  • Practices to honor personal, collective, and ancestral grief

  • Vigorous Movement

  • Meditation and Guided Integration to restore after the practice

what to bring and wear

A love letter for you,

Emotional release tools are designed to empower us to come back to a state of equanimity and inner peace by allowing us to drop back into our body and into our heart. Many of us have been unconsciously and consciously conditioned to believe that our bodies are not safe to be in. Some of of have been abused and have learned to distrust the body because we may believe that we have attracted violation or undesired attention that we have been able to fend off.

All of the murk and horror of life has a way of causing us to believe that there is nothing more than what the eye of the ego sees. Without the inner light to guide you or a teacher with good intentions to help direct you, it’s difficult to get out of the turmoil of pain. We see this everyday. People taking their lives, people taking the lives of others due to severe, heavy, pain and prolonged suffering. Many of them don’t know that their suffering isn’t necessary and though their suffering isn’t necessary, it does not invalidate that they are in fact, suffering. How to ease the suffering, though? How do we get tools into people’s hands so that when they are under to spell of compulsive rage and want to inflict pain on themselves or others in any form, that they can choose a different path? Use a different approach to clear the insanity that they feel they have no control over.

Ultimately, my prayer, is that this work leads you back to love. Back to the center of your own being that is bright and luminous and brilliantly radiant. My desire is also that by practicing emotional release, you will move toward more self-acceptance and forgiveness for self and others that is not contingent upon circumstance.

When practiced regularly, emotional release empowers us to access the full spectrum of emotions that are our human birthright. We are no longer subject to the limited emotions that we teeter totter back and forth between. You will also find that even when you experience a dis-empowered emotional outburst, you can return back to baseline more quickly.

Some people need more gentle tools like Vipasana meditation or breath work to help them ease the suffering of their mind. Others need more vigor and or high intensity directed energy to help break open the hardened ground of their emotions.

In my experience, I have needed both. I have found, like many of my clients and emotional release practitioners explain, that I experience more lightness after a cathartic emotional release. When I choose to release stress, anxiety, agitation in a safe, intentional, and non-harming way, I am less prone to emotional outbursts with my children and don’t lose my temper in situations that in the past would have caused me to pull out my warrior sword and shout, “Off with your head!”

Neither of these approaches are good or bad. They are just ways. Ways to find peace. Ways to chisel the stone out of the madness that this world can offer if we are stuck in illusion. In many ways, we follow the unique breadcrumbs that the universe has laid out for us to find our way back home to ourselves.

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