“Our grief has something of great value to share with us, but it is only by entering directly into the wound that we will be able to discover what that is. This is the way of the shadow and the light. Together, they weave in an unpredictable and sometimes violent manner, but it is the coalescence of shadow and light that shape the masterpiece of our lives. We cannot change our histories, but we can improve our relationship to it. By reworking our stories of trauma and suffering, stories of healing begin to emerge which can then be transmuted to wisdom.”
— Veronica Lynn Clark


Our coaching relationship starts from the premise that everything you need is inside of you. Fear often shrouds our deepest purpose and separates us from living a life of wholeness and joy. Many people need guidance untangling what supports their growth and wholeness from behaviors and belief sets that promote dis-ease and pain in life. 

There is no script. No one way to do the necessary work. You and I partner together to create a plan that makes sense for your unique and beautiful life. 

From this place, you find your authentic voice. Let us begin.

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From this place, you find your authentic voice. Join Me.


  • Before trying to shape & control everything outside of us, we first look deep within, and do the work ourselves.

  • Creating a new life requires us to let go of our attachment to our old self. This requires a new set of skills, new ears, new eyes, a new mind. I will help you to navigate this process.

  • The work of transformation and healing is a collaborative practice between you and I. There is no quick fix as there is nothing "wrong" with you.

  • The process of unlayering happens overtime and continues throughout one's lifetime. As a coach, I am on a never ending continuum of unlayering and partake in deep inquiry as a means to support my clients greatest healing.


  • All coaching sessions take place over Zoom.

  • Sessions can be recorded upon request so that you can receive a copy of it and review it for additional insights and reflection. There is no extra charge for this.

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