Erect the Sacred Temples

My vision is to erect the temples again; the sacred temples of the oracles where we all lived and danced and played together in safety and harmony. Each woman being able to express her individual gifts without any competition; without any reservation or fear of what the other thought or did not think of us. It’s this spirit of coming together, of love; of belonging that I deeply desire to inspire and help to awaken in other women.

It’s there in all of us; we’ve just been separated from the wisdom and the understanding of how we have in the past interacted with each other. And if you look around, you will see that this desire to erect the sacred temples is coming up for many women. Temple trainings and Goddess circles are vast in many communities around the globe; it's not a surprise, and it's not a coincidence that red tents are popping up or that woman's healing circles are being offered.

When we pull back the layers, we can sense and feel that women long to connect in this way again.

You see because it's not one person's idea so we should never be upset when we see other circles or trainings that are similar to one’s we may be leading. Instead, we should embrace our sisters and be grateful that more of us are awakening and have the courage and the willingness to step up and discuss things that could be somewhat uncomfortable or not the status quo. We need these many circles; we need each of our voices to be heard because not just one of us can reach everyone.

So my desire with Body Temple, is that we learn to be free in our body; to feel loved in our body and to be loved by each other and feel like we can belong without the fear of rejection; the fear of not being enough; the fear of our own isolation that we may have become accustomed to. Let's move through that and be free of those limiting constructs.

Let’s enjoy each other.

The other part of my vision for Body Temple is that we come to understand that our temple dwells within us and by partaking in intentional rituals and practices, we are activating that temple. The further understanding is that we have a responsibility to bring our temple out into our day to day lives, into our existence with each other. Our temple, like our sexuality, is not a thing we step in and out of.

When we combine the action of erecting the sacred temples by coming together as sisters and embrace the wisdom that our body in and of itself is a temple, we immediately increase our vibrational frequency and change the trajectory of our existence on this planet.

So thank you for joining me sisters. I am excited for all of us to that we can dance in each other's divine energy and experience love in a way that uplifts us and nourishes us!