Radiant Vibrations Retreat - Special Offering


Radiant Vibrations Retreat - Special Offering

1,375.00 1,995.00

This exclusive offering is by invite only. You received the invitation so you must be pretty darn OM-Azzzing!!

The offer includes a shared Quad room at the Costa Rica Yoga Spa in Nosara. To learn more, visit https://veronicalynnclark.com/frequent/questions

**Please note that excursions are not included with this specially priced offer.

Excursion includes: Zip Lining and Waterfall Tour. Excursion fees can be paid directly to the vendor at the time of service.

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Hey, Wild One! I know you yearn to live a richer, more inspired life but something keeps holding you back. Time and time again, you’ve found yourself right on the verge of a major shift, a big breakthrough but you always seem to fall back into the same old habits and disempowered way of thinking. There is a part of you just waiting to burst; to come alive in a way you have not given yourself permission to do - UNTIL NOW!

Saying “Yes” to this retreat is saying “Yes” to yourself. Saying “Yes” means you’re ready to stop playing small, being complacent, and are taking a stand by saying “good enough” isn’t good enough anymore!

You’re ready to set new standards for yourself because you’re capable of more and you want to honor the Wild Woman within you who is ready to step forward and live, live, live life to the fullest!


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