This is Going to Be Fun

Tell me about all of the things you love about

being the woman you are?


I hope there are so many things you love, that there is not enough lines for you to fill


Feel about it (you’re probably in your head waaaayyy too much…)

What kind of woman do you want to be 1 year from now?

20 years from now?

Ok, let’s play a little more…

What was it like the last time you made love?

Did you moan and enjoy yourself? Did you move like the night wind across a brazen sky; unabashed? Unashamed?

Did you care who heard you?

If you censored yourself

even in the slightest,

think about the other areas of your life where you are censored.

Is it you who is doing the censoring? hmmm… there is no judgment,



only curious.

I believe in you sister.

You are all the rage


I want you to be free.

free to express what needs to be expressed;

to speak your truth.

I want to see you dance and sing like it was no body’s business because it isn’t.

Your joy, your pleasure, your animal moan is all up to you. Now who are you going to be 1 year from now? 20 years from now?


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