Healing is not about Revenge

Healing ourselves and learning to love ourselves heal the body and to come back to one's self, especially after sexual assault, sexual abuse, this is not about hating or casting revenge against the perpetrators. The bottom line is this, hurt people hurt people, and at any given moment depending on the situation we can be in similar positions. That sounds like some of us would automatically say that that's just not correct and deny that, but you remember that “the other person is you”relates to everybody, relates to the perpetrator, the saint.

So just recognizing that and just wanting to be very specific that when we come back home to our self when we are healing yourself that does not mean that it's at the expense of anybody else, that it is to cause any revenge or it's done in a hateful manner. Coming back home is a deep sense of love, of collecting all of your parts, loving yourself in every single way without hate, without revenge, and with forgiveness because that forgiveness comes with a sense of freedom. You hold grudges, and you want revenge, and you want the other person to pay, you're still a victim, you're still stuck, that's not liberation that's not freedom. Now there is a difference between justice, and justice is absolutely vital to balance, and justice shall be had, but justice is not just for the individual just to seek, justice will happen, karma will happen and there are things that we can do such as this by bring awareness to the situation by standing up, by arming our children with the right tools to be able to speak up, to feel safe and comfortable, to know that they will be supported that they won't be in trouble, by telling what's happening to them that doesn't mean that there responsible for what's going to happen to the other person. This is important. My position on this is really as an advocate and somebody who deeply want to help women and men who have been abused, who have been disconnected to their body, to be able to come back home and feel like they have the support and tools that they need to heal.

What comes up for you?

When is the last time you felt yourself on the verge of being the perpetrator. Be honest.

If you are working with a woman who has experienced sexual trauma and is still in a victim mind set , how can you support her in letting go of the victim mentality?