Welcome Wild One

I’m so glad you made it here! This feels like the start of a cool new journey together. I’ve got so much to share with you and no doubt, you’ve got some things to share with me too!

So come with me. Let us begin to look behind the door, beyond the veil, past the script and illusion of separateness. Let's venture outside of the deadening grips of conformity and meander in through the doorway

To where the Wild Women are


emotional release practices

You’re tired of suppressing feelings of anger, frustration, guilt, grief, rage… I get it; the list of emotional overload goes on and on. Experience emotional freedom…

Body Temple: Foundations

This is an invitation to undress. Not just your body but to really bare your soul. Create a new paradigm that includes boundaries, sensuality, sexuality, and pleasure.

Radiant Vibrations Retreat

Seven days in the sacred jungle? Yoga & Meditation on the beach? Join a Tribe of women who want to empower and elevate themselves just like you!