Perhaps we have forgotten our wild ways for the sheer pleasure of embarking upon the journey once more...                   

As young girls, we are often conditioned to hide our raw and unfettered nature. Forced to disconnect from our wild self in order to conform to more "acceptable" ways. The way of the wild woman is not logical or plainly visible. It is intuitive, unadulterated and beautifully spiritual led by sensations of the body and felt by the heart.


Most of the time we live life reading a societal script. We do what we think we are supposed to do rather than doing what we want to do. We are conditioned by our upbringing and experiences and are often disconnected from ourselves, our imaginations, our emotions and even our sexuality.  We long to experience boldness, to be daring and to live more extraordinary lives. But we can’t or when we start to move forward  we begin to pull back again because we feel shame, we are filled with fear and guilt and we lack confidence. These are all sentiments that are rooted back to the shadow self and the erroneous stories that we have told ourselves over and over again.

 This is not how it should be. It is time to write a new story my loves.

 What this work offers you is a bold new way of being that is free of the blocks of shame and guilt. This is an invitation to reclaim your freedom from these damaging messages by tackling the myths and misconceptions so you can reclaim your freedom and start living the life you have always dreamt of.

Our upcoming Radiant Vibrations Retreat is designed to bring out the laughter, the sexy beast, and the saint within you. You will enjoy the soulful company of sisterhood while immersing yourself in the various domains of silence, sound, and revelry. 

The way of the wild woman is not logical or plainly visible. It is intuitive, unadulterated and beautifully spiritual; led by the sensations of the body and
felt by the heart.
— Veronica Lynn Clark

remove the blocks 

Experiences like:

  • Abuse

  • Betrayal

  • Violation of Trust

  • Abandonment

  • Sexual/Emotional Exploitation

Cause us to internalize and get stuck in a program that reflects:

  • Low self-esteem

  • Lack of personal or self-respect

  • Deep insecurity

  • A sense of unworthiness

  • Lack of personal boundaries

  • Inability to trust one's own judgement

  • Have a belief that you cannot make good choices

  • Co-dependency

  • Addictions

  • Sexual or emotional stagnation

Particularly painful experiences such as emotional, physical and sexual trauma have a tendency to stay stuck in both our physical body and the energetic body. Those traumas can manifest as illness and disease, depression, insecurities, and chronic pain. Daily decisions become more and more difficult and we lose faith in ourselves to make the right choices. 

These wounds lead to feeling stuck in a trance like state of separation from not only ourselves but everyone and everything around us. This is soul trauma.

Overtime, we relinquish our innate wisdom and ways of being that are authentic and sacred.  We become numb, entranced, dead.

Wild Woman... you were not born to feel this way. REGISTER TODAY and begin to live life to the fullest!