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Join a global movement to bring balance to the feminine and the masculine. By sponsoring a woman to attend a retreat, a workshop, or a training, you are helping her to gain transformational tools that will allow her to maximize her potential. All donations and sponsorships are tax deductible in connection with People of Purpose, Inc a 501 (c) (3) organization.

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Reclaim her voice

Helping women to remember their worth & reclaim their voices

When a woman learns to love every part of herself, she begins to understand her worth in ways that could never have been taught to her by their parents or society. This is the journey that leads to the reclamation of the voice & is a journey that can only be entered into through the heart. By opening her heart, a woman can love more deeply and more freely. She learns to trust her intuition, she finds the courage to step into her potential, and she harnesses the power to forgive.

Uplifting the divine masculine through the feminine

Every woman impacts the masculine to some degree in her life. Whether it is her son, life partner, brother, father, uncle, cousin, or friend, every woman has the potential to positively influence and help him to remember pure love. Together they can heal ancestral and generational wounding that has created suffering and strife; leading to separateness, violence, fear, and inequality. Communication becomes more conscious. Manipulation and projection is released, and balance is restored to the whole.

Balanced Humanity

feminine and masculine balance = a harmonious humanity

When the feminine and masculine are balanced, humanity is balanced. When men and women, boys and girls are able to live in equality and engage in a deep sense of connectedness, the collective consciousness of humanity will rise, and all will live in harmony. By doing the inner and outer work, we take one step closer to making this vision a reality. This new vision begins with one step. One belief, one prayer, that each of us can bring into reality. Your support and your love offering will get us one step closer.

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