Meditating prior to each journaling activity will help you to unlock some of the precious information that is hidden inside of you.  

How to Use this Page: 

Feel free to use this meditation or sit, stand, or lay down quietly and listen to the beautiful rhythm of  your breath. It's up to you. Just meditate and go inside. Let the internal compass begin to show you the secret passages hidden within you. Approach this meditation with a sense of curiosity. 

Use the form below to submit any meditation reflections you would like to share or simply jot your thoughts down in your notebook. 

Tips to get started in meditation:

  • Find a comfortable place

  • Quiet space for meditation

  • Journal and a pen

  • A candle (optional)

  • The willingness to explore the possibility that your current state of being, is not the only way to be.

  • The willingness to allow what wants to come up - to come up.

  • Set your Insight Timer and Begin

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