YOU ARE INVITED TO VENTURE into the unknown, a one of a kind journey to explore a depth of your being. you are invited to explore your current state as a pathway to lead you home to a richer, deeper, communal love with the entire universe.

Awakening To Love

A Body Temple Training for Men

This immersion weaves meditation, ritual, erotic embodiment, and group practices into a sacred weekend for healing, laughter, and love. It’s from this place that you learn to create the inner intimacy necessary to shift the paradigms of old thinking and archaic, patriarchal belief systems. Women who have completed Body Temple Level 1 and 2 will be present to embrace you in your Warriors Return. Together, we take collective steps to mend the feminine and masculine divide to bring forgiveness, and healing to our lives.


Partake in practices to:

  • Release shaming beliefs around your sexuality

  • Move through resistance, criticism, projections

  • Hold and create sacred space for yourself and others through vulnerability, compassion, and reverence for the divine in one another

  • Understand your energetic responsibility and cord cutting

  • Reconnect with your body’s natural impulses through “stalking”

  • Communicate and maintain healthy boundaries, needs, and desires

  • Initiate emotional release techniques to free the stories trapped in your body

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Step into the realization of limitless love and inner peace.
This immersion is limited to 10 men. Reserve today.


Whether it was sexual trauma, religious shaming, body image issues, or even the powerful feeling of your own sexual desire that disconnected you from your body, you can reclaim your body as a temple; a sacred place of honor & love; worthy of pleasure.


During Body Temple you practice expressing your needs, desires, your fears and your boundaries so that you learn to say exactly what you mean to say without feeling responsible for anyone else’s feelings. Reclaim the power of your yes and no!


This training is about empowering yourself to be the most magnificent version of yourself that you can imagine. Be done with playing small and hiding in the corner. You’re crown has been waiting for you. It’s time to reclaim it by writing a new story.

All Inclusive Immersion includes:

  • Room and board

  • Meals and simple snacks

  • Daily Yoga and Meditation