Nurture You: 1-Day Mini Retreat for Women

Nurture You: 1-Day Mini Retreat for Women

A retreat for the woman who needs to be nurtured because she’s so busy
“nurturing” everyone else in her life

Join Veronica Clark, Kari Mischell, and Summer Bloyer for a day steeped in self-care, rejuvenation, and sacred practices for women.

Enjoy a day filled with laughter, meditation, yoga, journaling, and celebration with other women. You’ll experience joyful and uplifting practices to open your heart, enrich your spirit, and reconnect to yourself.

This is a unique retreat designed for the women who is busy raising her family, building her own business, or is hustling up the ladder in her professional gig.


If you can relate to either of these women… this retreat is perfect for you!

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As busy women, devoted mothers, career women and partners, we are exhausted. At the end of the day, we barely have time for a meal, let alone self-care. Between homework, bringing our own work home, after school activities, making meals and laundry, we feel lucky if we can schedule our own haircut. We need help. Something has to change or we are going to break!

She’s the kind of woman who puts the needs of others before her own. She's experienced a lot of success in her life along and has had some huge challenges to overcome but she's super resilient and hardly ever asks for help.
This woman has big, hairy, audacious dreams that she wants to bring to life but keeps them on the back burner because she doubts herself and isn’t sure how to make them a reality.

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Your needs are always last - but you don’t ever say that because you would feel guilty if anyone ever heard that. So you keep it inside… 

You say “yes” to everyone else, even when you don’t really want to. Sometimes, you wish someone would do for you what you do for others. But you would never ask that because you hardly ever ask for help. You’re always the one to figure things out; you’re the girl who makes it happen, the one everyone else depends on. Even if it’s at your own expense.