Playing Small

Where have you been selling yourself short? Who have you shrunk for? 

Are you cautious and overly accommodating? Do you give so much to others that you have nothing left for yourself? Who does this serve and the BIG question, do you want to keep living your life this way?

By playing small, we are essentially depriving ourselves of enjoying the richness of life. We stand on the periphery instead of jumping in and being an active participant.

This behavior is damaging and perpetuates the chronic cycle of fear, insecurity and scarcity.

While there are certainly times when we should be the observer and witness life, we want to get to a point where we are observing from an empowered position and not a shrunken, meek one.

We were not created to be meek or shrunken. We are big, HUGE, amazing Goddess Creatures with the blood of Warriors coursing through our veins. We are not made to stand back in the shadows while others live out loud in the light. You are more capable than that it is essential that you not only know that but actually take a stance to against playing small.

 We play small for many reasons. Here are a few. Pick your poison:

  • We are insecure about ourselves

  • We are too worried about what others will think of us

  • We don't know our value and thus have low self- worth

  • We have so much fear that it paralyses us

  • Playing small is manageable and you find comfort in the stability of not having to put yourself out there

  • You are afraid to fail so you would rather not try

  • You tried to play BIG once but that turned out bad- so you're done with that

  • You are stuck in the trance of scarcity - there is never enough and certainly not enough for you

Any of this sound familiar?

I'm calling bullshit on all of these lies Wild Woman! You're indomitable, super strong and you are ready to shed this way too small persona.

Bring some awareness to your illusions about your present day life. 

Are you holding back and playing small for fear of rocking the boat? Are you afraid that playing BIG will jeopardize your security, acceptance or that you will give up control?


Am I living to my fullest potential?

What story are you hiding behind?

What is possible when I am not holding myself back or stay stuck in the mindset of lack and limit?

Am I willing to give myself permission to take a risk?

What kind of risk?

What does that risk entail?

What risk, if I was willing to take it, would be the catalyst to changing my life’s path?

Do you like the path you are currently on? No. What do you not like about it? What belief is holding you back?

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This can be in a relationship; in a job that you are comfortable in but where you are not living up to your potential. Think and then jot down the area or areas in your life where you are holding back your potential.
Someone in the workplace, acquaintance, a lover...
Thank you Wild Woman!