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As your nutrition coach, I will post tips and suggestions on your page to help you maximize our work together. This week, I’ve included three simple tips and some insight on food combining. You may already be doing all of these things in which case you should give your self a big applause for already being on the right track!

Towards the bottom of the page you will find your e-journal to submit your daily meal log along with the emotions you experienced. This will be helpful to me so I can gain a better perspective on how I can most support you.

You will also find a section to submit a question or to schedule an appointment to meet with me. Talk to ya soon!


Tips for the Week:


Tip 1: Hydration

Begin each morning with a warm glass of water and lemon.

Drink two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar following the warm water every morning to help alkaline your body.

Drink at least one gallon of water during the work day. I suggest carrying a jug of water around with you. A visual aid is essential!


Tip 2: Preparing Meals

Prepare healthy snacks and green drinks ahead of time to avoid waiting too long between meals to eat and overeating.

Reduce the amount of meat eaten each day and replace with protein based green drinks and fish.

Enjoy at least two meals in a pleasant environment free from emails and other distractions.


Tip 3: Move your body!

Carve out at least 30-60 minutes a day for exercise to release trapped energy and improve sleep.

Strive for at least 7 hours of sleep each night. You’re worth it and your body will thank you for it!

Pointers on Food Combining


Benefits of good food combining:

  • More energy to heal your body and to enjoy things you love

  • Faster elimination process

  • Better nutrient absorption

  • Faster weight release

  • Beautiful skin, hair, and nails

  • Reduced flatulence and bloating

What combines well with each other?

  • Eat fruits on an empty stomach

  • Fruits (except melons) combine with all greens

  • Eat all types of melons alone

  • Greens and vegetables combine with starches

  • Greens and vegetables combine with proteins

  • Proteins and starches do not combine

Daily Food Journal

Include time of day meal is consumed, mood before and after eating, est. serving size, spices, oils, etc.

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Reflect on the quality of sleep you had the night before. Were you able to sleep soundly or did you experience restlessness?
Reflect on the ways that you nurtured yourself today. Self-nurturing can be done in many different ways. Sometimes it's soaking in a bath with Epson salt. Other days it may be reading for your pleasure while sipping on your favorite wine. Sometimes nurturing means you sit and do nothing... at all. What ways did you nurture yourself today? Remember that this is a practice. Each day you practice nurturing yourself, the more intentional you become about falling in love with yourself. xoxo
Questions to consider. What time did you lay down to sleep? What were you doing before you got ready to go to sleep? Did you dream? If so, were there any insights revealed to you?



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