She (Veronica) knows how to go into the darkest places of pain and trauma and move out the stuck energy. I have been working with her for over six months to resolve complex ptsd and disassociation both through workshops, immersion and individual sessions. I have learned various tools to process on my own also. I have hope to see resolution of most if not all of primary and secondary trauma.
— Allis Brown - Client

3 Month empowerment Coaching

The decision to begin coaching is a gift of love from yourself to yourself. This is a practice of falling deeply in love with yourself as you journey to remembering your worth and souls purpose. Your coaching package is designed to enhance your “whole-being”. Sessions may include sensuality attunement, stress reduction techniques such as yin yoga, and mindfulness-meditation, intuitive guidance, and inner-child work. Traumas and over-adaptation to the needs of others often cause us to lose sight of who we are and the possibilities that exist in our true potential. "Who do you want me to be and that's who I will become" is often the unconscious motto for this searching soul. By taking the time to peel back each layer that hides our true essence, we discover ourselves and from that place, begin to live a life of inner joy and radiance! This is not a one-size fits all coaching package and is designed to meet your unique needs. Are you ready to Lose your Illusion and become whole again? Get started today!

  • Get in touch with what you really want in life and move beyond your conditioned responses.

  • Learn how to create boundaries that honor you and lend to your sovereignty.

  • Reclaim your voice and remember your worth.

  • Receive a complimentary 30 minute consultation before creating an agreement to ensure Veronica is the coach for you!

  • Coaching consists of 2 (60 - minute) sessions a month for 3 months.

  • Minimum of 3 coaching sessions

  • 3 sessions $450.00 ($150 per session)

  • 6 sessions $810.00 ($135 per session)

“Veronica’s ability to get individuals to take a deep look into themselves and the pain they feel, while being compassionate and feeling safe, is an amazing gift.”
— Curt Feldtkeller

4-Hour Intensive Sol-Session

This is a four hour intensive training and is ideal for those who want to tackle a specific issue, gain clarity on a difficult decision, or create a strategy that will help them to take action in a short period of time.

  • Session is offered in person or via Zoom.

  • Workbook included

  • $600.00 ($150 per hour)