Radiant Vibrations

are you ready to Live an extraordinary life?

Hey, Wild One! I know you yearn to live a richer, more inspired life but something keeps holding you back. Time and time again, you’ve found yourself right on the verge of a major shift, a big breakthrough but you always seem to fall back into the same old habits and disempowered way of thinking. There is a part of you just waiting to burst; to come alive in a way you have not given yourself permission to do - UNTIL NOW!

Saying “Yes” to this retreat is saying “Yes” to yourself. Saying “Yes” means you’re ready to stop playing small, being complacent, and are taking a stand by saying “good enough” isn’t good enough anymore!

You’re ready to set new standards for yourself because you’re capable of more and you want to honor the Wild Woman within you who is ready to step forward and live, live, live life to the fullest!

What is stopping you from manifesting your

Wildest, most Magical Dreams?


Join a Tribe of women who want to empower and elevate themselves just like you!

Radiant Vibrations Retreat Nov 1-7, 2019

Do you make fear-based decisions and settle for less because you believe that you are unworthy?

  • Does guilt and shame have you playing small when you know you are capable of more?

  • Do you stay in relationships that aren’t feeding you because they're familiar to you and you're too afraid of what will happen if you leave?

  • Do you want to keep going to a job you hate because you have the safety net of a paycheck?

  • Do you feel like something is holding you back regardless of everything you are trying to do to move forward?

This is not living, sister. This is a slow and painful death that will keep you stuck in a loop until you are ready to step into your POWER with love, insight, and a belief that you can do anything you set your heart to!

Are you ready to cultivate lasting, meaningful friendships?

Are you ready for more a more passionate and intimacy with your spouse or partner?

  • Are you ready to release limiting beliefs so you can manifest the life you want?

  • Are your ready to love every inch of your body including all of the imperfections you think you have?

  • Are you ready to push through your fears and insecurities to reclaim your happiness?

  • Are you ready to believe that you are more than enough and always have been?



ARE YOU READY TO stop playing small and dive all the way into your best life?

If you are ready to release, shift, and reconnect to inner radiance while connecting with others on this soulful journey, then Radiance Vibrations is for you! This retreat will cover topics from practical tools for thriving in daily life to sensuality and reconnecting with your inner Wise Woman.



  • Daily Yoga

  • Heart opening Ecstatic Dance

  • Activate your radiance with Breathwork





  • Sacred Cacao ceremony for heart opening

  • Embody Peace with Yoga & Meditation

  • Sweat Lodge ceremony


THREE DELICIOUS MEALS EACH DAY over looking the rain forest

Have questions? Wanna see if this is the right retreat for you, set up a call to connect with me!

Magical Jungles

You’re leaving your familiar habitat to come dance in the wilderness of the beautiful unknown. What a gift! This is your time to reconnect and re-align yourself with nature; to tune back into the rhythms of your beating heart; to feel your feet connect with the ground as you dance and commune with the the natural world.

The Costa Rican jungle offers auspicious medicine for your life and will help you to remember your abundant nature so you can grow and become prosperous in every way imaginable!

Package Includes:

  • 7 days and 6 nights at Costa Rica Yoga Spa in Nosara, Costa Rica

  • Vibrantly Nourishing Cuisine

  • Zip Lining Adventure

  • Waterfall Excursion

  • All described activities and training

  • Free Wifi (as available)

  • One Pre-Retreat Zoom Call and One Post-Retreat Zoom Call

  • Access to Exclusive Member Portal

Are you ready to Fall in Love with Yourself?

Join us in Costa Rica and its world renowned healing properties, indigenous wisdom, and sacred beauty to explore tools and practices for living a thriving empowered life. In an intimate group setting, Veronica, will facilitate an inward journey to explore concepts to improve confidence, deepen spiritual connection, enhance your well-being This week is packed with tools, practices and teachings and an amazing place to fall in love with yourself and with life!

Getting Started

  • $500 Deposit is required at time of registration.

  • Individualized payment plans are available. A $50 payment plan is added when setting up a payment plan.

  • See all payment options here.

What is not included:

  • Air fare to/from Liberia, Costa Rica

  • Additional excursions and/or spa services offered at CRYS

  • Travelers Insurance

  • Alcohol & Specialty Drinks

  • Spa Services and/or excursions

  • Gratuity

  • Yoni Massage Packages

  • Last evening meal - which will be out on the town

What to bring to Costa Rica

  • Loose, comfortable clothing such as yoga pants, dresses, rompers, comfy shorts, sarongs, several bathing suits

  • A rain jacket

  • Solid comfortable shoes (good enough for small hikes or walks on the beach) and flip flops

  • Toiletries: toothbrush, toothpaste, creams (no colognes, aftershaves or strong perfumes please - essential oils and lightly scented moisturizers are ok), razor (in a safe container), hairbrush or comb, contact lens fluid and case (if needed) and organic sunscreen

  • A journal or notebook for reflection

Feel free to bring small personal items, mementos, and or special or sacred objects. Please inquire if you have any questions, concerns, or special requests.

Your Tribe is waiting for you sister!