Sexuality does not have to be a bartering tool; an “act” that should engender shame, guilt, or other disempowered beliefs.

In speaking about sexuality to my 14-year-old daughter the other morning, I explained to her that she was born a sexual being. We had a beautiful conversation in which I was able to explain that sexuality is not something we “step into” once we reach a certain age. Sexuality is an essential part of our human experience and is a part of us the moment we incarnate into this world. How we choose to express our sexuality (be it through physical connection with others, through art, dance, music, writing, etc.) is up to us.

Unfortunately, many of us have inherited or constructed limiting beliefs around our sexuality and thus have limited our creativity and receptivity to divine communion.

When we block, condemn, or restrict our sexuality out of shame, fear, guilt - we block and restrict our life force energy. We condemn the creator/source/God when we condemn ourselves because of our sexuality. By guilting and shaming our sexuality, we keep ourselves small.

I’ve spoken

Abstinence and celibacy can be powerful ways to manifest and create.

But when abstinence and celibacy are engaged in out of disempowered beliefs or because we are accustomed to using our sexuality like a garment that we step in and out of or wear on special occasions, we are limiting our creative and healing potential. We are preventing our whole self from experiencing the beauty of life. We may also be preventing our partners from expansive potential if we are abstaining or withholding our sexuality for these reasons.

There is evidence on the news also call into our energy field mutations and unnatural ways of using our sexuality, which often results in the victimization or abuse of those more vulnerable.

Our sexuality can be healed, nurtured, and restored to its natural state of erotic innocence and purity.

Another side to consider is the ways that partners withhold their sexuality from the other.

I’ve worked with many women who with hold their sexuality from their partners because of the abuse they experienced

There is not one area of your life that trauma doesn’t touch

But it is your responsibility to unravel and unwind the pain from your heart

Your soul chose this path to incarnate into doing that you could learn what it meant to forgive and to live in freedom free of the shackles of a slave