Yea You!! You’ve made it to the next step in the Body Temple Training!

How to maximize this module

and be best prepared for the Body Temple Training!

The section you are currently accessing is what I lovingly refer to as “Stalking”. This is because you will be stalking shadows, paying attention to your impulses, and quiet inner thoughts that sometimes don’t make it to the forefront of my mind. When our impulses, thoughts, and beliefs stay hidden from awareness, we will likely feel the impacts they have on our health, sleep, skin, or relationships but the root from which they stem are super difficult to unravel because we don’t know all that we are working with.

The writings, practices, and journals have been written by me in an effort to provide as much support to you on your journey to personal freedom!!

You will have access to several different journaling modules, most of which will also include a voice recording to provide ample convenience so you can listen while you are cooking or taking a bubble bath! The recordings will also help you to drop into the meditation practices with more ease.

This “pre-work” will help you to be better prepared for our immersive weekend and you will have more clarity about who you are and what you want as a sacred woman in today’s modern times!

Peel back one layer at a time

How to maximize this pre-work.

  • Let your family know that you need some down time and to not interrupt you for the next 15-30 minutes. I’m a momma of 5 kids so I know that can be a BIG ask. But ask anyways!

  • Find a comfortable place

  • Quiet space for meditation and reflection

  • Journal and a pen

  • A candle (optional)

  • The willingness to explore the possibility that your current state of being, is not the only way to be.

  • The willingness to allow what wants to come up - to come up without trying to change it or distract yourself. Yip - that’s another hard one. You’ll get better and better at this one though!

  • If you are preparing for a meditation, set your Insight Timer and begin

Additional Support:

Use the form below each of the journal pages to submit any reflections you’d like to share with me. You can also pose a specific question you would like me to answer. I do my best to answer at least one question for each student a week.