Your Heart's Desire


Consciously enter into your sanctuary. This sanctuary may be your bedroom or another sacred space you have designated to experience your meditations. Choose to let go of the external stressors as you enter here. See yourself surrounded by love and by all of the beings who are supporting you on your healing journey.


Duration: Set your Insight Timer for 12 minutes.

Warm Up: Select a 10-15 second warm up so you can orient yourself and allow your body to settle into a comfortable position.

Interval bells: Select a 5 minute interval bell. Select “2” for the number of repeating bells.

Setting the timer this way will allow you to move through this two part meditation and then lead you into a two minute savasana.


Now that you’re comfortable and your timer is set, direct your attention to your breath and watch it as it moves in and out of your body. Be curious about the way your breath is moving into your lungs and out of your lungs. Is your breath shallow, fast? Does it come in short spurts? Slow your breath down and begin to deepen it. Imagine pulling your breath up from your pelvic floor. As you do this, let your belly expand and then slowly, as though sipping your breath through a straw, draw the breath into your low lungs and then a little further to the middle of your lungs, until finally you reach the top of your lungs. Hold your breath there. Allow your breath to saturate your blood cells and the space around your heart. Imagine your heart beginning to illuminate. You may notice that it gets brighter and brighter with each second that passes with the breath held here. Pranic energy, life force energy has been carried to you through the waves of your breath. See this energy penetrating every part of your heart; healing its wounds with light and love. Continue retaining your breath for a few more seconds.

As you prepare to exhale, envision your breath swirling in the upper region of your chest. Begin to contract your chest as though you are pulling your heart back towards your spine at the same time, direct your breath in a downward motion into the middle of your chest, down through the lower lungs, into your belly. As your breath starts to reach your belly, pull your navel back towards your spine in an effort to slowly ease the breath out of your belly and down into your pelvic region. Once your breath meets your pelvic floor, gently lift and squeeze it, so that your breath doesn’t escape through the opening of your vagina. Hold the breath out for 5 to 10 seconds allowing yourself to sit with a sense of emptiness. Perhaps you choose to experience this form of emptiness as a sacred ease and non-attachment that comes when we permit ourselves to let go.

Repeat this same breath cycle with a focus on your heart being illuminated and healed.

When you notice your mind attaching to a thought, let the thought go and bring your awareness back to your breath. Your breath has the power to take you deeper into your core being. That sweet, divine space where the authentic and free version of yourself dwells. Your conscious and subconscious mind may not yet believe that this divine aspect of yourself exists and that’s okay. Your mind may try to distract you but as you draw your awareness back to your breath each time it wanders, you are actively creating new brain pathways that will lead you back home to your true self.

Part II

Breath: In hale through the nose directly followed by an audible exhale through the mouth making an “ha” sound.

Body Action: Continual engagement of your pelvic floor muscles. Lifting and releasing.

Intention: Bring more creative energy into your body and your overall “beingness” so that you can create the life your heart desires. This is the path of your dharma. The path your soul agreed to remember before incarnating into this lifetime.

Gently bring your attention to the creative energy that you surrounds you. Perhaps you follow the sound of the bell as it guides you towards it. This creative energy is subtle but potent, so you don’t have try to hard to feel it. Remain open and soft. Now that your heart is illuminated, you have greater access to your creative energy and pleasure centers.

Begin to inhale your breath through your nose and exhale out through your mouth making a “ha” sound. Repeat this breath - inhaling through the nose and exhaling out through the mouth. Try to connect the inhale and the exhale breath. Let your attention rest at the entrance of your vagina. Envision the creative energy entering into your body through this sacred entrance. Begin to gently lift and release your pubic muscles while breathing in through the nose and exhaling out through the mouth with a “ha” sound.

Now begin directing the energy from your vagina into your entire body. Invite the energy into your navel, your solar plexus, your heart, your throat, your face, the crown of your head, back down through your face, into your shoulders, your arms, your fingertips, back down into your hips, into your legs, your feet, your toes and then repeated saturate every part of your body with this erotic, creative, and illuminating breath. Keep pulsating your vaginal floor; this is an essential part of this meditation.

It’s normal to feel dizzy and slightly “high” from this breath. You may experience a tingly sensation in your face or other parts of your body. This is normal. Stay with it and continue breathing in this way until the bell chimes.

If you begin to get excessively dizzy and you feel ungrounded, slow your breathing down a little but continue to breath. You are literally changing the chemistry of your blood, your brain, and your nervous system so it’s not uncommon to experience some disorientation.

Remember, the more frequently you use this breath, the sooner you will build the electro magnetic field around you and begin to change the vibration of your life which determines what you attract and what you repel.

Continue pulsating your vaginal muscles. Lifting and lowering. Lifting and lowering and use your breath to draw the creative energy into every crevice of your body.

This creative, healing energy is swirling all around you, waiting for you to take hold of it.

Breathe in this life force. Allow it to ravish you and make love to you as it awakens in you all of the potential and possibilities waiting to be birthed for you in this lifetime.

Over and over, breath this life in. What do you want? What is true for you in the abundance of these possibilities? Let them take root in you. Continuously cycling the creative breath of life in and out of your body until the bell chimes.

Part III - Savasana

Body Action: Lay still

Breath: Soft, normalized breath through the nasal passages.

Intention: Dropping into your heart. Allowing yourself to be washed and nourished by the creative life force energy moving through your body.

Rest in savasana. Allow your body to get heavy and settle as your breath naturally starts to regulate. You may feel as though you are trying to catch your breath so take long deep breaths in through your nose and out through your nose. You’re in control of your breath and in control of your experience. You’re in your sanctuary. A sacred place of healing and respite.

Part IV - Journaling

What is true for your heart? What is necessary to step into a life of authentic expression and passion?

Begin to focus on your ideal state of health, the types of relationships you want to have. Reflect on the career you would like to have or the thriving business that you want. Consider these questions. 

What do you really want out of life?

What city, state, country do you live in?

What does your home look like?

Who is with you in your life?

What kind of clothes do you wear?

What kind of food do you want to eat?

Where do you want to travel to for vacation?

Who do you want to be with you on this vacation?

Now, take a deep look inside.

What do you want for your spiritual life?

What does authentic expression look like for you?

How do experience pleasure?

What are you discovering about your sexuality?

Are you free in your body? Your mind? What does that look and feel like? How do you share yourself with others?

How do you want to feel? How do you manage your emotional state when challenges arise.

In which ways do you show yourself love? Forgiveness? Tenderness? How do you show these aspects to others?

These are just some prompts. Take this visualization as deep as you can go. Follow the path your heart has laid out for you and manifest the vision first on paper, then in this lifetime.

Free Flow Journaling Exercise - My Heart's Desire Is:

For the next 20-40 minutes, journal about your heart's desire. Use your pen and paper to capture all of the details about the life you are co-creating with the universe. Be intentional, curious, and descriptive as you draw, color, scribble, and write. Images, sensations, sounds, tastes, and scents - welcome all of these aspects into the creation of your new life experience! Refrain from reading what you write to see if it makes sense or is logical. The ego is taking over the moment you stop to edit. Your heart and spirit are sharing precious pearls of wisdom with you; inviting you to remember who you are so that you can live the life your soul desires. Allow yourself to Visualize Beyond Your Wildest Dreams!!

Once you have completed the meditation and exercise, I invite you to share some of the insights you garnered so that I can help you to manifest this vision by sharing in the energetic vibration of your desire!

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Begin this activity with the idea that you are absolutely limitless and that the universe has your back! You can do anything and achieve anything if the compass of your heart is aimed accordingly.
Thank you for being vulnerable and willing to share. The information expressed here is confidential and will not be shared with anyone other than Veronica Clark.