Stuck in the illusion

Are you getting stuck in the illusion that somehow everything else outside of you is more important for you to master, for you to figure out, for you to dedicate your time and energy to, have you lost contact with the true connection of who you are and you’ve misplaced your attention and your awareness on things outside of yourself. Could you for a moment imagine releasing the attachment to the outside, external activities, even the people you interact with, including your children, your spouse, your parents, for just a moment to recognize that ultimately you are on a path for yourself that requires your own love and attention to be directed inward enough to establish some devine communication so that you and your path, your steps can be directed according to what is really true for your highest and greatest good and when we move from that place of communication and clear steps that are directed by our higher self, source, god, whatever you choose to believe that everybody in our life benefits from that and you are not actually taking anytime away from them but you are actually enhancing their relationship because the relationship is able to be focused on a way that is uplifting for everybody. So coming back to yourself, coming back to healing yourself, establishing communication and communion with yourself in a really loving way, to help heal, restore, to nurture and nourish yourself is one of the most important parts about creating and establish your understanding of your body as  temple.

What other illusions might you hold about yourself?

What illusions do you hold about your closest relationship? Identify the top 3.

What might your relationship look like if you were able to release the first illusion you identified?