Wild Woman's Tools

The Wild Woman's work is a path of no path. Each woman curates her own experiences based on the lessons she needs to learn in this lifetime. She learns to take responsibility for her actions and choices and is ready to use the salve of her own medicine to start healing her wounds and doing her work for the collective. Her path is an organic process. It cannot be duplicated or repeated in its exact form by another being. There is no clearly defined curriculum, the work follows a winding path of unraveling and discovery.

The Body Temple training and Wild Woman retreats provides a safe container for women to explore their inner resources, practice their magic, harness the power of their yonis and learn to use the wisdom of their bodies.  



The modern day Wild Woman uses ancient techniques such as mudra, mantra, meditation, yoga, and dance to remove the remnants of the past from the physical and psychic body. 

She applies these tools to her modern day life and commits to the work of cleaning. 



Through devotional practices approached with respect and self-compassion, and love she begins to peel back the layers of scripts and programming to reveal the truth of her divinely
feminine power.

The Wild Woman seeks to clear the path to find the hearts compass. 



Wild Women work to transform their painful experiences into living masterpieces of love,
self-mastery, compassion and wisdom.

The Wild Woman brings the sacred into the mundane and creates daily rituals of self-care. She knows that she is always in process and because of this, the Wild Woman is willing to live life boldly, to witness, to connect, and embody source.