For this journal experience let us begin to unpack what self-love and commitment really means to you. Prepare your mind, body and spirit by engaging in meditation first. This can be done sitting, standing or walking. Choose the open that supports you in this moment.

While in meditation, ask your subconscious mind to share with your conscious mind how you truly feel about yourself. What you love about yourself and what you might hate or loathe. Let the texture of your breath morph and change as  the insights come to the surface. Allow the pictures to emerge if they do and just notice them. Try to release attachment to what comes up and limit the emotional weather by re-directing your attention back to your breath. 

You can grab your journal and pen or be really daring and share your experiences with me personally. When you share at this level, you build in an extra layer of self-responsibility and accountability.

There is no pressure to share. It’s totally up to you. Just so you know though, everything you share with me is between you and I. I love you and want to see you grow xoxo

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Do you love yourself?
Be specific. Do you partake in self-care rituals? What are they? Do you nourish your body with healthy foods? What else do you do to demonstrate love to yourself?
Look on the other side of love. What do you see?
Be prepared, to be honest with yourself. Really, bluntly honest. This is confidential but this is also your truth so explore and share authentically.
Violence can come in many forms. I.e- overeating bulimia, harmful self-talk, self-mutilation, alcoholism, drug use/abuse, avoiding feelings. What do you do to commit violence against your soul? Your mind? Your body? 
Think of at least 2-3 relationships that your behaviors negatively impact. How are they impacted? Is perception skewed? Is communication stifled?
Be specific. Behaviors arise from various needs in our lives. For example, overeating and overweight is often connected with blockage in the lower chakras and indicates a need for protection.
Be specific. Practice identifying and stating what you need.
Be gentle with yourself. This was a deep look into the darker layers of yourself. Take sometime to love on yourself now


Sit for a few moments in silence. Let the information you received and shared move through you. Sit without thinking or moving too much. Settle the heart and mind and look upon yourself with soft compassionate eyes. This may be difficult to do initially but you are willing to do the hard stuff - remind yourself of that. And because you are willing to do what is hard and uncomfortable in order to change your current state, you are willing to be soft and compassionate with yourself. 

You are loved.

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