Ways we Distract Yourself

Be on the lookout for how you distract yourself from actually feeling what you feel. Some of the ways that we distract ourselves when we get in uncomfortable situations are to avoid making eye contact, we might look down to the ground, we might look in every other direction except for the person in front of us, its difficult for us hold eye contact so that can be really uncomfortable and often times the inability to hold eye contact is reflective of some shame or some disempowering belief that we hold about ourselves that if we think that if we stay in this eye gaze with somebody then they would be able to see this about us, so whatever it is that we don't want to be exposed that we believe is not good about ourselves then this other being is going to be able to see that.

So let's just pay attention to that and notice that when that happens. The other way that we distract ourselves could be through to much moving, fidgeting to much, just moving moving moving, having to do something, having to distract oneself by moving around and not being able to stay still.

Some people say that that's how they move energy and that can be really true but that is also a really good way to be able to distract yourself from actually feeling, because when we stay still then whatever is going to show up starts to bubble up to the surface and then we actually have to look at it vs moving around and stirring it up some more so that we don't have to pay attention to what has come up to the surface. Laughing is another way that distract ourselves, so be mindful of that, when you are being asked to participate in a rather intimate soul connecting type of activity like eye gazing, laughing instead of actually are ways to distract ourselves and laughing can also be a form of emotional release which is beautiful and really really great and it could be that laughter has to happen first some form of emotional release to allow then to be able to drop into your body, so that's fantastic. Give yourself permission to laugh and not suppress the laugh if it comes up but if you are looking for reasons outside of yourself to keep on laughing or your trying to influence somebody else to laugh with you because you don't want to be the only one laughing or because being in this still moment or that particular state is so uncomfortable for you that you want to try to enroll somebody else in your desire to shift the situation and not actually feel what you feel, so just pay attention to that laughter can be an emotional release but laughter can also be away that your distracting.

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What are some of the ways you distract yourself?