Welcome Wild Women! 

This member portal has been designed out of love for you. I am so excited to see you grow and flourish and since flourishing requires a great deal of peeling away at unneeded layers, I have included some journal exercises to help stimulate the process. 

Wild one, as you get ready to set off on the path, begin to consider the journey with a heightened sense of curiosity and willingness to inquire. This means that you will have to prepare yourself to ask different types of questions than your accustomed to. The type of inquiry that I’m inviting you to partake in also requires a degree of self-compassion that you may still be in the process of developing or are trying to develop. So, as you dive into the journal prompts, be gentle with yourself. Surrender the judgement you have likely carried and give yourself permission to be completely honest with your feelings, your thoughts, and the things you’ve imagined - even if let’s say, you think those feelings, thoughts, and images are shameful and somehow unacceptable.

Your intention and belief in your ability to move forward on the path will be essential to your experience. If you give a little, you will get a little. If you give a lot and you go all the way in, you will gain a lot in return. Your experience will be largely determined by your effort. So lean in Wild Woman and go in deep. The water will be turbulent but you will come back out all the more shiny!

Get fully immersed

The topics that are discussed during the pre-work and upcoming Fire Woman Immersion will be edgy and may be personally challenging. The intention of these journal exercises is to help you to prepare for the Immersion so that you can are ready to immerse yourself in the Fire Woman experience.

Create a Sanctuary

The pre-work is most conducive when done in a safe and quiet place with minimal noise and distractions. Choose a setting that is conducive for individual exploration, inner reflection, and gentle movement. I call this place your “Sanctuary”. It can be your bedroom or any other sacred space you have designated for your healing and self-love practices!

Scheduling Sacred Time

Schedule the time for yourself to do this work in advance. This way you are not in a hurry and can give yourself permission to relax. Make sure that others know that this time is blocked off for you and then place the “do not disturb” sign on the door.


  • Dedicated time to begin your Immersion pre-work. You will need anywhere from 30-60 minutes. It’s perfectly fine if you have to break the time up into intervals. Make this work for you. The important thing is that you do it. In time, you will build up a habit of time blocking that will continue to support you!

  • Quiet space for meditation.

  • Insight Timer— Down load this onto your computer or from your phone’s app store. This will help you to keep time of your activities and meditation.

  • Journal and a pen

  • A candle to set a sweet ambiance (optional)

  • The willingness to explore the possibility that your current state of being is not the only way to be.