What do you see?

As I get older, outer beauty isn't as important to me as my inner beauty is; which is always shining from within. Of course I still like to take care of myself, I believe that that is part of honoring my temple, I won't desecrate my body or do things to intentionally take away from or distract from my appearance, but it's not my focal point.

I believe that the “package” may help to deliver the content or the information just as in receiving a gift, having a nicely wrapped package is another part of the experience of receiving the gift but the package itself is not the gift.

What if we chose to see outside beauty as a precursor; a little glimpse of the beauty, the magnificence, the beauty, the radiance that lies within. Yes, I still use filters but I also want to be able to show my perfections without recoiling from them and yes, I have some cellulite on my rear end but that doesn’t mean that I’m not going to wear my bathing suit and go out and still feel good about myself and still feel good about my body. And no, I don’t like the grey crown of hair around my hairline; it’s super unruly and I’ll still dye it because I’m not ready for it to shine through just yet. But there is something graceful in moving into this space without the hurriedness of trying to hide or try to fix or trying to be somehow be someone other than who I am.

I suppose that this comes with age, because I wasn’t always this way. I have just been noticing the way that this view of beauty has slowly begun to unfold in me. And I love it. The reflection of myself in the mirror, all of my imperfections; they don’t scream at me the way they once did. And I can hold them now as part of this beautiful masterpiece that is my experience in this lifetime.

So I wonder for you, sweet sister. What does your reflection hold for you? What does your reflection in the mirror hold for you?

The Practice

Take a moment to stand in the mirror. Try to avoid the impulse to “fix” yourself up, to straighten your hair; or to stand up taller.

And try…

… really hard

not to say words that judge, harm, or hurt you. This might be your habit. But resist the impulse. You’re trying something new. You’re building yourself up. You’re noticing with soft, non judgmental awareness, how beautiful you are.

Take a deep breath

Hold a soft gaze of yourself in the mirror. See yourself exactly as you are in this very moment. Allow your eyes canvas the mirror, breathing in the image of yourself.

If a loving word, phrase, or mantra comes to you. Start to repeat it softly to yourself.

Be soft. So soft. Drop in another layer. Beneath the superficial surface. Beneath the face that we allow others in the world to see. Look with those eyes. The eyes who can see the souls of others and who in this moment can see the soul reflected back in the mirror.

Turn your good love … towards yourself.

Take in your entire face, one inch at a time. See the out of place hairs going off on their own unruly way; unwilling to follow the rules. Sound familiar?

Notice the fine lines around your eyes; around your lips and pause there. How many times have those lips kissed? Puckered at the taste of something sour? Close your eyes and gently run your index finger over your top lip do this really slowly - as if you were touching a baby.

and then, run your finger across the bottom.

So many words have passed through these lips. Sometimes you have spoken your truth. Other times, you’ve lied. Many times you’ve laughed and your lips have pulled back to reveal your smile.

your smile. your smile…

Open your eyes

What do you see?

What is your heart asking you to see, that perhaps your ego is unwilling to? What does your soul desire to show you, to give to you? The secret door way opening to you; beckoning to you, to step into something so much greater than what you could've ever imagined.

If you’d only be willing to step into this new way of embodying yourself, your temple...your sacred temple..the sacred temple that you've been carrying around with you since you incarnated into this earth...your Body Temple.

Write about it

Grab a piece of paper and just start writing. Don’t filter it. Don’t stop to read what you wrote. Just write about what ever comes to mind after having this experience.

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