Paradigm Shifter

Author & Speaker

Sexual Healing Advocate

Women’s Intimacy and Empowerment Coach

HI! I’m Veronica Clark. I’m not much into business as usual, in fact, I’m more of a RENEGADE who actually believes that we really can have it all. All of it.

A life that we love waking up to everyday.

A business that thrives and promotes social justice.

Call me a dreamer,

admittedly, I am, But I believe that anything is possible IF YOU ALIGN YOUR ACTIONS WITH YOUR PURPOSE.

I’m your everyday gal who loves green smoothies and practicing yoga. I’ve got 5 BEAUTIFUL children and an orange tabby named gigi who I crawl on the ground and follow because I love her that much.

for more than 15 years I have been helping women to find their voice and step into their power after difficult life experiences. It was My own EXPERIENCE with sexual TRAuma that led me to this path of personal freedom and healing my relationship to sex.

I refused to let my past own me, and I set out on a mission to:

reclaim, re-wild, and remember who I truly am.

And because I am a leader and love to see other women around me rise, I have made it my life’s purpose to help women reclaim their feminine essence, learn to create boundaries that liberate them and come back home to the temple of their body.

I believe that reclaiming our sexuality is the cornerstone to healing sexual wounds and restoring your wholeness. I educate women about the power of their sexuality and the creative potential that’s unleashed when they liberate their orgasm. There is nothing dirty, nasty, raunchy, or slutty about it.

Sexual healing is whole healing. When we wield our sexuality with grace and wisdom, we are in co-creation with the universe.

By unlocking our pleasure and the power of our pussies (yup, I said it) we are able to access our unlimited potential to create, love, nurture and uplift our human consciousness.

Activating our sexual potential is not about being sexy. It’s about reclaiming our power as women, reclaiming our pleasure and standing in our boundaries.

When we say yes to our sexuality, we are revivifying the divine nature within ourselves and we instantly become more radiant.

It is our birthright to have a healthy relationship to our sexuality.

Reclaim your sexuality.

reclaim your your desire.

reclaim your voice.


Reclaim Your Sexuality. Reclaim Your Desire. Reclaim Your Voice.

You are more than your past experiences