Body Temple

Level One: Foundations - September 27-29, 2019

Level Two: Liberate your orgasm -October 11 - October 13, 2019

Level Three: divine uNIon - December 6-8, 2019

Can you imagine a world where all women love themselves? Who can stand in front of the mirror and see themselves exactly as they are and embrace every single part of themselves?

Can you envision a world where all women are empowered and don’t need someone else to affirm them? A world where women gracefully own their power and trust in their intuition. Imagine a tribe of women who move from a space of knowing; of personal freedom and who see other women as their comrades and not as threats. Women who support each other, who love each other and view one another as sisters. Sisters who “place bricks beneath the others feet” when its time for her sister to birth a new creation.

It’s possible.

This training is not for the faint of heart. This training is designed for women who want to be extraordinary in every aspect of their life and understand that their liberating their sexuality is at the helm of spiritual and personal freedom. 


Body Temple is a Training created by a woman for women to support them in their personal life and in their life’s work:

Many women have an unnatural disconnection from their body and thus their authentic self.

This training is designed to help women find their voice, re-connect to their body, and live a life grounded in personal power, celebration, and reclamation of her natural state.

The second part of this training prepares practitioners to use the Body Temple tools to help other women reclaim their voice, reconnect to their sexuality, and root into their power. Each practitioner has autonomy to choose how she will use these tools in her work.

Join me in this movement. Together we will learn and refine our tools so we can support one another in our growth and evolution.

Radical Self-Love.

This course is an invitation for you to radically transform the way you love yourself. To come to See and Accept your body as a Temple and to love it just as it is. A love like this doesn’t mean that you are committed to staying the way you are. It means that you can love yourself through your transformation without further shaming, blaming, or judging yourself. You’ll learn practices to soften into your femininity, to move more slowly, and be more gentle with yourself. We’ll create sacred oil blends to anoint our skin; drink herbal tea made of rose hips and daminana, and eat beautiful food to nourish our bodies. We’ll play in the creek and cover ourselves with mud after dancing around the fire. Can you see yourself diving deeper into life? Are you willing to fall in love with yourself?

Courageous Sisterhood.

When is the last time you cooked meals with a group of women where you laughed, danced and played music while taste testing the yummy food you were all preparing together? Here at Body Temple, we recognize that not only do we need to love ourselves, but that we also need the sanctity and love of our sisters. This weekend is filled with opportunities to “place the bricks” under each others feet. We love and support one another through sacred rituals including dance, movement, and play. It’s here that we come to understand that there is no such thing as competition, there is only camaraderie, love, and an opportunity to experience the support of another woman who wants to see you THRIVE!

Embodied Beauty.

There is no one else in the world like you sister. You’re it. You have unique gifts and features; all of which have been woven into a very specific and sacred fabric. No one else can shine like you shine. No one else can love like you love or do the work you are designed to do. When you learn to embrace your inner and outer beauty and stop judging and doubting yourself, you can come to see how all of the experiences in your life, including your failures, have supported you in becoming who you are. The Body Temple practices are designed to help you see where you are sabotaging yourself and will equip you with resources so you can write a new version of your story.

This is more than just a training. This is a Movement.

Pillars of Body Temple Exploration:

Falling in love with yourself and learning to accept who you are in this moment can be challenging. At best, most women linger on the surface and mistake self-love as self-care or self-maintenance. Necessary but it’s not the same thing. Falling in love with yourself is rooted in knowing who you are. The Big You; not only the part of you inhabiting your body but the you who has ASTRONOMICALLY GORGEOUS work to do in this world. I want to help you fall in love with that version of yourself. You may not even be able to see her yet, but she’s there.

During the training we dive deep into our sexuality as a pathway to reclaim creative flow, vitality and womb wisdom. We confront the parts of ourselves that we have have shut down and learn to awaken the magic of our sexuality so that we can create a life of joy, bliss, and abundance. We spend time stalking our shadows and practice creating and speaking our boundaries. Finally, we cut the energetic cords that keep us stuck and release all of the bullshit stories about who we are and who we think we are “supposed” to show up as in this world.



reconnect to your sexuality

Whether it was sexual trauma, religious shaming, body image issues, or even the powerful feeling of your own sexual desire that disconnected you from your body, you can reclaim your body as a temple; a sacred place of honor & love; worthy of pleasure.


During Body Temple you practice expressing your needs, desires, your fears and your boundaries so that you learn to say exactly what you mean to say without feeling responsible for anyone else’s feelings. Reclaim the power of your yes and no!

release the victim story

This training is about empowering yourself to be the most magnificent version of yourself that you can imagine. Be done with playing small and hiding in the corner. You’re crown has been waiting for you. It’s time to reclaim it by writing a new story.

Sexual trauma doesn’t have to be defined as tragic. It can become the catalyst for self-empowerment and a deeply centered sense of resilience that may not have been cultivated any other way.
— Veronica Lynn Clark
Are you ready to fall in love.png

Are you ready to embrace your sacred “yes”; the yes that has been calling to you from deep within your womb?

Then stand up to your fear and say YES to Body Temple. We’re waiting for you sister!!

experience practices to reclaim your pleasure, release stories about your body, and create a new paradigm that includes boundaries, sensuality, sexuality, and inner joy.

Sweet sister, You ARE ready to embark on a deep inner journey. I know this because you would not have stumbled upon this course if your body did not hunger for a ravishing communion with the divine.

Are you ready to fall in love (1).png

This course is excellent for you if you desire:

  • Sexual healing as a result of sexual abuse or trauma

  • You want to learn to love and accept yourself without judgement

  • Womb healing and re-connection to your body

  • To tap into your body as a pathway to pleasure and release shame and guilt related to sexuality

  • To facilitate space holding for sexual healing


  • Exclusive Online Body Temple Portal

  • Two Zoom Calls to prepare for the training

  • One Integration call with Veronica after the training

  • Comfy beds and accommodations or glamping option

  • A kitchen to keep all food and additional snacks



Learn how to:

  • Release shaming beliefs around your sexuality

  • Hold and create sacred space for yourself and others through vulnerability, compassion, and reverence for the divine in one another

  • Understand your energetic responsibility and cord cutting

  • Reconnect with your body’s natural impulses through “stalking”

  • Communicate and maintain healthy boundaries, needs, and desires

  • Initiate emotional release techniques to free the stories trapped in your body


  • Womb and Breast Massage for health and wellness

  • Womb Healing and Yoni Steaming

  • Kundalini Yoga and Meditation

  • Tantric Breathwork

  • Time in nature

  • Journaling and reflection

Yoni Steam (15).png


  • Tuition varies

  • Meals are not included. This is a “potluck style” approach. Each woman will bring meals items to contribute to a potluck. She will be assigned to a meal group: breakfast, lunch, or dinner.

  • Payment plan is available once a deposit is made, contact Veronica at for the options. 

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your boundaries are honored here:

You will leave this training feeling more revitalized, have greater access to your joy and pleasure and have MORE resources to live a vibrant and authentically aligned life!  

  • No prior experience is needed to attend this training.

  • Navigate this training in a way that is authentic and true for you.

  • Optional nudity.

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Note to Teachers:

Learn to facilitate somatic based healing exercises to use during your workshops

  • Essential skills needed to guide powerful transformational presence practices

  • Tune into your body wisdom as the means to inform the work you do with your clients

  • Learn to open and close rituals